Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts

Jul 1st 2015

Personalized gifts no matter what the value is, gives more impact to the receiver because it's something that is carefully thought out and includes a little extra effort from the giver. The personalizing of the gift is so meaningful that the gift is remembered long after the occasion ends.

Following is a few do’s and dont's about personalized gift giving:

1. Search your memory for any recent comments from the person you are gifting that could point you towards that brilliant intuitive gift idea.
2. If the gift is going to be a surprise, it may be difficult to buy a ring or something that requires a size. If that’s the case look for adjustable sizing since a personalized gift is not returnable.
3. A monogram or personalized necklace is a great choice but be sure it’s the right style since again, personalized items are non returnable.
4. Be sure your gift comes from the heart and is wrapped and presented in such a way that the recipient is touched and excited to receive it even before the gift is opened.

1. Don’t spend a ton of money, especially if it’s out of your budget. Just because a gift costs a lot doesn’t mean it’s the right gift.
2. BE SURE that the spelling of the person’s name, the date, or the lettering and style is correct! Double check and check again - mistakes happen!
3. Be sure you leave time to purchase (especially if you've done so online), receive and send the gift. There is nothing more frustrating and upsetting than the occasion or party passing you by and your gift hasn’t arrived yet.
4. Don’t be offended if the recipient doesn’t seem overjoyed with your gift. Depending on the situation, they may be overwhelmed at the moment or that they don’t want to favor only your gift during a celebration. Their real feelings will show later when they wear it.

“It’s the thought that counts” is usually what matters about gift-giving. And, It really does!