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Our Story

“Not Just Any Old Day” is a wonderful way to celebrate the special people in your life by acknowledging their special day. I would always search to find the perfect gift to commemorate a special date in the life of people I care about. I decided to make a special gift with a calendar date for her Birthday and it was probably the most special treasure in her jewelry collection. I knew it would be an excellent opportunity for my wife Daniella and I to come together to help make one of our dreams a reality, to work together on something special and bring these products to YOU.

We will work together to enhance the line and bring new products into the collection as well. Every time my wife wears her necklace, strangers always stop and ask her about it and want to know where they could buy one.

We wanted to keep alive what our beautiful friends created from their original Calendar DatesakeTM Jewelry and Gift Collection.

We wish you and yours many heartfelt moments, countless happy memories, and an abundance of "Special Days." Drop us a note and tell us all about your "Special Days" and please, come back and revisit our site soon.

Always remember ~ It’s Not Just Any Old Day...It’s YOUR Special Day®.