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*I just received my "Key to My Heart" necklace (from the Ashley Suzanne giveaway) and I wanted to thank you! It is so beautiful and I love it. I will definitely spread the word about your company to all of my friends! Thank you again!


*Thank you, thank you! Jenny put it on her bouquet and she wears it often as a necklace. She absolutely loved it! I can't thank you enough for making sure it got to us in time. It was one of those things that slipped my mind and got lost in the shuffle of everything else. I'd definitely recommend you to any other friends I have getting married in the future. Thanks again!

Jason Stamm

*Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for my Anniversary Necklace and thank you so much for the upgraded chain, that meant a lot to me LOVE IT and I have had so many compliments on it. Thanks again and take care and gain THANK YOU! Have a nice day!

Sheila Priwo

*Thank you so much, my Mom received on time on her anniversary date!!

Rachel Hollingsworth

*Hi Michele and Steve, My package arrived. Thank you BOTH so much for the quick turn-around I’m a happy camper! Continue to have a blessed work week! J

Lori Head

*Hi Michele, Just following up with you on how much Larry and I love our new key calendar necklaces!! I get great compliments on them but mostly it just means a lot to me to be able to wear something that marks our legal wedding date!! My business is tough and long days and it helps remind how important it is that I keep going and that my husband counts on me!!! I hope you are doing well and sell a million of the KEYS!!

Warm regards, Michael St.Bernard

*I got my necklace today and I love it! Thank you so much!! I can't wait to show it off at work tomorrow!!! Hugs!!!!


*The beautiful key arrived and it's perfect! Many thanks! I can't wait to put that in Robert's stocking (hung by the chimney with care!) at Christmas! Hope you are enjoying a lovely day! XO,


*I just got my necklace-------- i love it love it love it. thank you for getting it out so quickly.


*It came today. It's perfect. Thanks so much!


*Just a note to tell you that my wife loved the bracelet. My son and I ordered it for her birthday in Jan, but when it came before Christmas we gave it to her early.

Bob H

*I wanted to say thanks again for the necklace for my mom. She left the chain long and absolutely loves it she wore it that day. It really is a unique piece of work and she was even getting comments that day! Hope you have a great year! Take Care


*It was lovely meeting you today at the Oscar Gift Suite. Thank you so much for my darling necklace. Love your designs and they will make such a thoughtful gift. I will definitely be in touch.

Linda Howard

*We would like to extend our sincere thank you for giving us such a lovely AND most special piece imaginable! The "key to his heart" couldn't have been any more precious and adding the pink sapphire on "our" special date made it even more delightful!!! Thank you so much and it was such a pleasure meeting you and your sweetie at the Valentine's Gifting Suite Event! Sending you God's constant blessings to you both and much success to you in the coming year.


*Awesome! Thanks so much for your help with everything, to give my daughter such a lovely birthday!! I’m sure she will love it, we’re a sentimental lot. I will do what I can to send a lot of business your way Thanks Again!!


*I got my necklace and I LOVE IT!!! I don't want to take it off. I showed it to a woman I work with yesterday and she ordered one for her daughter in Los Angeles. I will keep spreading the word.

Thanks again! TERRY

*I wanted to tell you Thank you so very much for your company. I have a very dear friend who is getting ready to celebrate 1 year of being sober and clean. If finding a gift for any other occasion is not hard enough, I can’t tell you how hard it is to find gifts for this subject. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a silver plated calendar keychain with dark amethyst, marking his July 11th anniversary. I googled for a lot of different things regarding sobriety and your site kept being at the top with the keychain standing out calling to me. I read over the website and for someone who has been blessed not to have to deal personally with addiction I found the site to be very informative. Thank you again for the information, the lovely gift and card, and for being very sweet, friendly, and having reassuring words this morning. I truly hope they are as excited about receiving the key as I am giving it to them. Eternally grateful

Carrie, in Kansas

*She absolutely LOVED it! It turns out that she really likes old keys that are sort of that style, too (something I didn't know about her), so it was really perfect for her.
Thanks again!
Take care!

Shelly :)

*You are the ' BEST"! Thank-You so, so, so much! I have enjoyed getting to know you a little bit and talking with you. I will definitely text you when my husband arrives and we are in the hotel and I give him the Key! Oh, I can't wait, I just know he's gonna love it! I promise I will get you some business, maybe I'll be your sales person? =) you have been Great, I am just Thrilled!

Sincerely, Adrianne

*I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma on April 6, 2010. After completing 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment I am in remission as of September 9, 2010, my last day of treatment. The feeling of joy and excitement I felt on this day is one I never want to forget. It was a difficult journey but with the overwhelming love and support from family and friends, it was one that I did not have to do alone. I am grateful for the experience and now that I am a Hodgkin's warrior and a cancer survivor, what better way to commemorate this time in my life than with a calendar key marking the day of my remission. It has been and extraordinary journey and so positive in so many ways. I will never want to forget this experience. With my calendar key necklace, I will forever have a reminder of where I have been and how far I have come. Thank you


*Sorry it has taken me so long to send this to you.....
I just love my key that marks my birthday!! It's so pretty and makes me feel so special every time I wear it!
Thanks Michele!

Love, Jamie

*I received your package today!
Just wanted to say thank you for blasting my order out so quickly!
...even nicer than I imagined it would be! I know that Nicole will LOVE it!
Thanks so much!

Warm regards, Bo Corsillo

*Thank you so much for the wonderful Key you made me for my fiancé! HE LOVES IT!
I would have touched base sooner but I had taken some time off.
FYI...We went to Beverly Hills...I was touring him around, and keys seem to be all the rage, but he and I both agreed none nicer than the one you made for him.
Anyway, I love that he loves it so much!
Thanks so much for your generosity and for helping me present Sandro with the key to my heart! Best always,


*Thank you so much for the very meaningful Cancerversary Key you made for me. I don't know how to tell you how much that meant to me. And I also want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story. One of the most helpful things I found was hearing the stories of actual patients and survivors. It helped me put my situation in a perspective that was manageable and realistic. Cancer is so scary, especially when that word is used about you! To know from others what is real and what is not was, for me, very comforting. As a result, I have volunteered for or accepted any opportunity to share my experience with breast cancer patients and their loved ones with the hope that they might find the kind of comfort that I found. Thank you for your generosity to me and to the cause. You are a very special person and I am privileged to know you. May you have a most wonderful holiday and a blessed New Year.


*I received my calendar key pendant a couple of days ago and it's just beautiful. I wore it over the holidays and received comments and compliments. It's so unique and interesting, like nothing else out there. I decided on using my birth date and birth stone, something that is uniquely mine and will never change. Thanks for creating such an amazing piece of jewelry!

Shawn Thayer

*Thanks so much! I found you n the back of a local parent magazine (Baystate Parent) they had a gift suggestion page for Mother's Day. Your necklace ad was there along with another "cookie-cutter" necklace with discs and names and such called Tiny Tag. You see that everywhere. But your necklace really stood out. I'm not big on jewelry, I wear my diamond studs, my engagement ring and my Rolex watch and always accessorize with a cool and different necklace! I love the fact that I can pass it down to my daughter which will have her birth date on it already! Very creative!
Wishing you many successes!

Lisa Z.