Mother's Day is near - By Steve Dallas

May 6th 2016

Mother's Day is almost here again and at my age the years keep rolling by. When I was younger, the days couldn't go by fast enough. Wanting to go to school and not being able to wait to get out. Praying for high school to end and college to begin. Not being able to wait for college to end and life to begin. Wanting life to get started and then hoping it might actually pause . . . an interesting journey at the very least.

I have always really loved my mom and grandmother. Maybe because my grandmother and I shared the same birthday or because I was so very much like my mom. My grandmother passed a long time ago and that was a hard one for me. My mom is still kicking but her world is now about a chair. Ninety-five percent of all she does happens in this electric chair. She watches HSN & QVC from this chair. She eats and sleeps in this chair. We join her for discussions in her room by the chair. She watches Murder She Wrote and Hallmark movies from this chair. We try to make her more comfortable in the chair. Her oxygen machine is right next to the chair. We really wish she would get up and move more but this is very difficult for her now.

I still love this woman dearly and I know she loves me. I know a sad day is coming soon but for now another Mother's Day is near. I'm gonna be there for her and spend some time with her again this year. I know she sometimes wishes it would all stop and oddly I know how this feels. God, I sure hope she outlives this chair.