Mother's Day

Mother's Day

May 4th 2015

MOM. It’s a small word for someone that fills such big shoes. With Mother's Day coming soon why not make Mom feel extra special, show your appreciation and let her know how important she is with something she can wear every day.

I love to buy things that are handmade with love and just as special as the person I am giving it to. So, get ready to hint to your own husbands, boyfriends, friends about our Calendar jewelry products.

So what will your special personalized gift for mom be this year? Show her that your gift was planned and thought out instead of grabbing a card at the local grocery store. (We’ve all probably been guilty of that one!)

Personalized gifts have a greater impact because they're something that is carefully thought of and includes an extra effort from the giver. Go ahead - do some reminiscing with Mom and figure out which special days are meaningful to her! Some ideas to mark on her calendar jewelry could be - The date of her wedding to your dad, the birthday of her children or grandchildren on one of our charm bracelets or expandable bangles is a also a fabulous addition to her bracelet collection.

While you're are at it, please share your most special days in the comments section below. Enjoy your Mother’s Day celebration with your Mom, and with your own children.