Remember Your Recovery Day

What Customers Say

*I bought a necklace for my mother and you wanted to know her response..
she loved it.. she started crying tears of joy.. she put it on right away.. she said that you guys did and excellent job on it..
my mom is my life.. if it wasn't for her i wouldn’t have met you guys this weekend.. id either still be out there drinking or 6 feet under..
her sobriety date is 6/18/2001
mine is 6/20/2010..
thanks for helping me make my mom's day.. :)
hope you guys had and awesome Easter and keep up the awesome work..

*I wanted to tell you Thank you so very much for your company. I have a very dear friend who is getting ready to celebrate 1 year of being sober and clean. If finding a gift for any other occasion is not hard enough, I can’t tell you how hard it is to find gifts for this subject. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a silver plated calendar keychain with dark amethyst, marking his July 11th anniversary.I googled for a lot of different things regarding sobriety and your site kept being at the top with the keychain standing out calling to me. I read over the website and for someone who has been blessed not to have to deal personally with addiction I found the site to be very informative.Thank you again for the information, the lovely gift and card, and for being very sweet, friendly, and having reassuring words this morning. I truly hope they are as excited about receiving the keychain as I am giving it to them.

Eternally grateful,
In Kansas

*Thank you for my beautiful key pendant necklace. I have been wearing it everyday since it arrived. I love it!

Sherri Lewis

*It was a pleasure to meet you at Sober City in San Antonio. I wanted to get something special for my sponsee, who wasn't able to make it to the Convention, and your tent was one of the first I saw early in the weekend. I loved the idea of the key with her sobriety date, and decided to get one for her.

When I walked away, I was thinking, "I'm sure I'll find something that I like more at another tent....I should have looked around before I bought this." Nope. This was the nicest and most special product that I saw at Sober City or Sober Ranch. I'm glad that I went with my first instinct, and I can't wait to give it to her!

Thanks again ! I'll pass along your web address!


*I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you so much for the "key" chain. I gave it to my sponsee today and he really flipped out – loving it.

Thought I'd do something a little different than the traditional "chip" and it really worked out well as he was extremely appreciative.

Great work and great product. Thanks again for getting it to me quickly through Steve. Hope to see you soon.

Blessings, Peace, and Love.
Bob G.

*I got my wonderful key holder with my sobriety date on it. I really like it.
Thank you very much - this is special.

Lee Y.

*I googled and stumbled upon you...I looking for sobriety keychain one year...or something like that. Loved what I for me, my sponsor and my husband (1 year in July!) I am lusting after the sterling/gold keys...yum!

Gertrude K.

*I just received the necklace! I absolutely love it!!! I will pass on your website and if you ever create new things please email me :) thank you!


*After being undecided about what to give my husband for our 25th Wedding Anniversary, I found Michele at the San Antonio convention. The choice was simple and unique! I gave my husband two beautifully crafted keys...that are NOT JUST ANY DAY in our history. One, his sobriety and one our Silver Anniversary date! He was surprised and so touched! He proudly hangs them from his key ring and shows them to everyone!

Thank you! Thank you for being there at the right time!!


I received your package today!
Just wanted to say thank you for blasting my order out so quickly!
Even nicer than I imagined it would be! I know that Nicole will LOVE it!
Thanks so much!

Warm regards,
Bo C.