Remember Your Recovery Day

Your Recovery Day and why it’s so important

People outside of 12 step meetings ask me  “Why are you still going to meetings even with so many years of sobriety?” My answer is simple – For someone who was destroying themselves with drugs and alcohol, being clean and sober is a BIG deal!  Growing and learning about myself through the 12 steps is a big deal and, celebrating that accomplishment year after year is important – really important.  Not just to me, but to the new people who sit in a meeting (especially in early sobriety) feeling such self loathing but hear a message of hope about how much better life can and will get.  In my early recovery watching people celebrate milestones was a great motivator.  I certainly didn’t want to break my sober streak and I didn’t want to start over again.  In my home group, earning and celebrating those yearly milestones became an event that I really looked forward to being part of – whether I was being celebrated or celebrating friends and sponsees.  Celebrating the positive moments are a great defense against the moments of struggle that crop up unannounced.

We wish you many positive moments on your road in recovery.




Your Recovery Day

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